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About Us

Glutamate.com was founded with a two-fold mission:

  1. Educate the public on the safety and benefits of glutamate use; and
  2. Offer a curated line of products that prominently feature the glutamate flavor.

Partners in Glutamate.com, Doug Cress and Chef Molly Ambrose are longtime friends who share a passion for food and drink(s).

Doug Cress, MSG Impresario

Doug has a passion for food and food science. He takes a common sense approach to health and wellness, often exploring the rationale behind deeply embedded misperceptions about the foods we eat.

Molly Ambrose, Executive Chef

Molly is a professional chef and graduate of Johnson and Wales University. She previously served at the Dorchester Hotel of London before going into business as a private chef for several prominent families in the New York City. Molly has carefully reviewed and vetted all of the products founds on Glutamate.com and also prepares our proprietary spice blends.